Gather Information From Production and Financial Systems 
to Understand What Drives Product, Customer and Asset Performance.

Match Product and Customer Performance 
to Business Objectives

Enterprise systems are rich in transactional history. For example, production systems give you insight into shop floor efficiencies, to enable continuous process improvement and obtain better yield, quality and service. Financial systems allow you to gather, consolidate, reconcile and report on commercial transactions.

But enterprise systems can't give you precise information about individual product and customer performance. Making broad decisions to cut costs or raise prices may adversely affect volume and margin if you don't consider specific product and customer profitability targets.

Achieve Visibility with pVelocity Profitability 
& Cost Simulation Software

pVelocity's Profitability & Cost Optimization Solution leverages information from your production and financial systems, and uses advanced simulation capabilities to expose and quantify specific product, customer and asset performance improvement actions.

With an intuitive, flexible interface, powerful reporting capabilities and innovative use of Dashboards and Scorecards, each decision maker in your organization has a personalized view of sales, operations and financial data that can be used to uncover profit and cost opportunities. Using this consistent methodology, you can view and share data to explore the collaborative actions that will improve your margin mix.