Analyze Specific Profit Drivers According to 
Your Business Models

Thorough Profitability and Cost Analysis

Having established complete profit visibility, you can use the pVelocity Profit Analyzer to examine specific performance drivers, and determine the appropriate actions and workflow to ensure optimal product, customer and margin mix.

Configurable to your unique business model, pVelocity's Profitability and Cost Simulation software allows you to scrutinize the interconnected factors that can affect customer, product and asset performance. You can apply these multivariate analyses to gain deep knowledge of your profit engines, and help author client, product and segment-specific action plans.

pVelocity Profitability & Cost Simulation Software

Reveal the characteristics of underperformers when you use the pVelocity Profit Analyzer to segment your customers and products. Quickly identify pricing inconsistencies across your entire product portfolio. Determine what drives profitability and asset efficiency, and establish corrective actions.

Using pVelocity's predictive analytical capabilities in combination with the pVelocity Cost Simulator, you can achieve greater and timelier insight into trends in customer demands, the effects of economic volatility, the patterns of customer and product segmentation, as well as the interplay between price, volume and cost to serve. This deep insight will help you create a closer relationship between customer needs, product mix, business objectives and profit enhancement.