What Happens to Customer & Product Profitability 
When Costs, Prices, Volumes Change?

Rapid Insight Into Projected Product & Customer Profitability

Effective decision-making relies on the input of accurate analysis, and the ability to create models to forecast the result of more than one course of action. pVelocity's software is the only performance optimization solution with advanced cost simulation capabilities, providing immediate, detailed insight into projected product and customer profitability.

With the power to create sophisticated models at whatever level of detail you require, pVelocity's Cost Simulator:

  • Uncovers the effects of changing costs, prices, volumes, raw materials, equipment or production schedules
  • Quantifies their impact on the future profitability of individual customers, products and assets
  • Creates a series of closed-loop workflows to prompt collaborative action.

pVelocity Provides Answers to What-if Questions

You're better prepared when you understand what might happen in the event of change. Using pVelocity's Profitability & Cost Simulation Software, you can quickly test the impact of an increase in the cost of raw materials, simulate a price increase to offset rising costs and evaluate the effect of your pricing actions on specific customers and products.

pVelocity's Cost Simulator can also give you the precise awareness to identify a product with an unprofitable manufacturing process, or the wisdom to redeploy existing capacity from an underperformer to a highly profitable product.

 Cost Simulation



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Compare Actual vs. 
Standard Costs

The standard costs in your accounting system can quickly become out of date, so it's important to ensure that you base your assumptions about customer and product profitability on actual costs. Future costing is a critical need for business directors, and cost simulation can help you be sure that you're working with the latest price you paid for raw materials, freight, energy, packaging etc.