Instantly Identify Critical Paths for Rapid Implementation 
of Required Changes
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Connecting Analysis and Execution

Insight serves no purpose unless you match it with action. However, it can be tough to execute operational corrections — especially in complex environments where communication breakdowns can occur at the many intersections of your organization.

Constant monitoring, repeated analysis and continuous mapping of workflows ensure that your key decision makers receive alerts about changing circumstances as quickly as possible, so they can take timely corrective action.

pVelocity Profitability & Cost Simulation Software

pVelocity's solution ties analysis to execution, to ensure that effective thinking is followed by effective action. By continuously tracking and measuring the impact of decisions, this powerful Profitability & Cost Simulation Software creates a collaborative environment that enables business managers to adjust progress towards profitability goals.

Unforeseen and uncontrollable events are part of any operating environment. pVelocity facilitates tight integration between profit and production targets, by individual customer, product or asset, enabling you to introduce course corrections as quickly and effectively as possible.