Capture and Communicate Action Items to Implement Corrective Measures

Browser-Based Dashboards and Scorecards

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Following detailed profit analysis and cost simulation, pVelocity's optimization software provides the perfect framework to capture and communicate specific corrective action items, and create collaborative workflows to ensure their timely execution.

Browser-based access to intuitive, flexible graphical reporting puts information within immediate reach. And it's easy to configure data and views to suit your role, responsibilities and business objectives. This means you can monitor what's most important to you.

Tracking and Sharing Information

Here's how a Sales Manager or Operations Manager might use pVelocity's solution to develop a typical collaborative action path:

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Immediate Overview

Easy to access, pVelocity's browser-based graphical interface offers a high-level view of all the relevant data in the system. Using this as an entry point, you might choose to view information by asset, sales rep or business unit for a specific date range.

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Drag-and-Drop Scorecard

Drag-and-drop icons allow you to check your data instantly against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or view the pipeline status of a particular prospect or new customer initiative. These user-defined scorecard quadrants mean that you can keep track of hot button issues, and switch to an alternative set of critical views as business or market priorities change.

Taking Action

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Once you have identified an area needing attention, you will quickly be able to set targets and assign actions. Imagine you discover that a particular product line has an unusually high percentage of returns. You signal the problem to your Quality Assurance and Product Management departments, and post a message requesting a meeting. pVelocity's software automatically generates emails, with relevant attachments where necessary, acts as a focus for a threaded discussion and establishes a workflow framework for collaborative action.