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Profitability & Cost Simulation

pVelocity's Profitability & Cost Optimization Software is the only analytic application with advanced simulation capabilities, providing immediate, detailed insight into projected customer, product and asset performance. Developed to meet the complex analytical requirements of today's business environment, the rich data model behind pVelocity's software reflects a deep awareness of the tools a business manager requires to understand the interplay between pricing and cost to serve.

Fast, Detailed, Actionable Insight

This out-of-the-box, configurable solution integrates easily with existing systems to leverage ERP and BI data. Typically up and running in 45-60 days, pVelocity's Profit Analyzer and Cost Simulator can deliver insight at whatever level of detail is necessary — right down to an individual product or customer. Making skillful use of intuitive, adaptable Dashboards and Scorecards, this easy-to-use software quickly puts relevant information in the hands of the people who need it, in the way they like to see it.

Proven Methodology and Highly Specialized Skills

pVelocity understands that every industry has its unique challenges and opportunities. For this reason, we approach each project differently, and apply our sophisticated software, proven implementation methodology and deep domain expertise to add significant value to enterprises in various industries.

We are highly specialized computer engineers, sales and implementation professionals, change management and data mining experts. Beyond implementation, we help our clients embed pVelocity's Profitability & Cost Simulation Software as a set of working tools that focus Production & Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Product Management, and Corporate departments, as well as leadership teams, on common profitability targets — locally or globally.

With over 100 client sites, our expertise has allowed us to assemble an ever-growing list of installations at leading companies worldwide.

Founded in 2001, pVelocity Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Toronto, Canada.