The Opportunity Created by True Cost-to-Serve Data

In complex business environments with operational silos, multiple business systems, and varied product lines, it is tremendously challenging to move beyond standard costs and get actual cost data that reflects the true cost to serve. With access to real-time data, you could quickly make the moves needed to:

  • be more competitive
  • acquire new customers
  • grow market share
  • win more high-margin deals

How Could Price Changes Impact Customer & Product Portfolios?

pVelocity’s Profit & Cost Simulation software is the only solution that answers that question through the detailed, comprehensive consolidation of actual cost data from across enterprise silos, systems, and sources. pVelocity uses this data to provide an accurate and  up-to-date basis for the setting of prices and margins, enabling confident account planning, new business development, and market expansion.

Use pVelocity’s Profitability & Cost Simulator to:

  • First conduct in-depth segmentation of your product and customer portfolio
  • Then analyze the causes for underperformers and attributes of overperformers
  • Follow with simulations of margin scenarios if changes to price, volume, payment terms,purchasing patterns or discounts are applied

Analyze & Improve Sales Performance

pVelocity’s powerful drill down capability also rapidly identifies reps, territories, or markets with highest or lowest revenues, volumes, or contribution margin. With this segmented information, you can:

  • quickly determine the profitability of the product mix by customer
  • run simulations of improvement options
  • act on the conclusions

Boost Credibility & Value of Tactics, Projections and Plans

Every day, actual cost data is used to support and validate sales and marketing decisions on price and margin to drive improved deal velocity and achievement of margin objectives. pVelocity delivers market-leading value to strategic plans and projections, as you analyze and simulate alternative sales tactics, product introductions, and market opportunities.