Profitability & Cost Simulation Software
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Profitability Analytics and
Cost Simulation

Which of my Products and Customers are the Most Profitable?

Even with the best business systems in place, it can be hard to know for sure how your products, customers, and assets are performing. What happens to product lines, production assets, or entire plants if raw material or component prices rise or fall? How do you identify performance drivers, maximize margins, or test alternative sales tactics?

How Profitability & Cost Simulation can Help

Using advanced simulations, pVelocity enables detailed modeling of cost fluctuations in the future, all the way down to the bill of materials. These simulations satisfy the different analytical needs of each operational role, forming the basis for fast, smart, predictive decisions. With this deep insight, operational decision-makers can take action to improve current and future contribution margins, capitalize on market opportunities, and maximize profit.