SOA-Based Architecture Enables Smooth Integration, Rapid Deployment and Collaborative Workflows

Sophisticated Performance Management

pVelocity's packaged Profitability & Cost Simulation Software leverages your existing enterprise systems to give frontline business managers immediate insight into product, customer and asset profitability, without the need for ongoing IT intervention and support.

pVelocity's use of open, standard System-Oriented Architecture (SOA) means that this solution drops easily into your existing infrastructure and works flawlessly to support multiple data sources, as if part of your original system design. Its flexible Application Programming Interface (API) also allows you to extend the software's core capabilities and configure your own front end, to match your business practices and objectives.

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pVelocity makes it easy for users to connect with the information they need to make effective business decisions. And, with a typical deployment time of 45-60 days, the decision-making data will be in their hands before you know it.