Increases Deployment Speed and Ensures Rapid 
Return on Investment

Seven Key Phases

  • Project Management & Planning
    Create a detailed Project Plan to outline project management and maintenance, assign resources and schedule training, testing and project reviews.
  • Environment
    Install and configure pVelocity software, set up remote communications, test the environment; review network topology and devise training and production staging procedures.
  • Requirements & Analysis
    Requirements Gathering — Identify and document baseline, customization and business process requirements. 
    Data Analysis — Define data extraction from enterprise systems and determine allocation methods.
  • Configuration & Development
    Data Mapping & Configuration — Prepare detailed specifications to extract and manipulate source data. Configure software and standard integration and allocation parameters. 
    Development — Develop routines to extract data from enterprise system(s) into import schema. Develop transformation mapping routines to prepare data for loading. Develop customized allocation routines, database changes or software enhancements.
  • Verification
    Develop a sample set of business cases for data validity testing. Test end-to-end ETL process. Validate data and formulae by reconciling to trusted source. Conduct acceptance testing and support.
  • Education & Training
    Train key project personnel using sample demonstration data. Conduct internal user training, as well as targeted training re solution, revised business procedures and metrics.
  • Launch
    Develop system backup and recovery procedures, infrastructure to support end users, review process for measuring usage.