Fast, Precise, Actionable Insight

For optimum profitability, pricing must reflect a true cost to serve. In a volatile economic climate, frequent fluctuations in variable costs can have a dramatic effect on product margin. Excellent performance depends on accurate insight that leads straight to profitable actions.

Business Efficiencies

  • Customer & Product Profitability

    Gain immediate, detailed insight into customer, product and asset performance

  • pVelocity & Pricing

    pVelocity software captures and models detailed manufacturing activity to build up to an optimal price throughsimulation and analysis of all available pricing levers

  • Raw Materials Cost Analysis

    Discover the links between raw materials, products, customers and equipment, and assess the impact of change on profitability

  • Margin Mix Improvements

    Uncover actionable opportunities to improve the profit characteristics of poor performers and increase the number of high margin contributors

  • Collaborative Actions

    Capture and communicate action items to indicate responsibility for adjustments to price, volume, costs, suppliers as necessary


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