Putting Together the Pieces of Your Margin Formula

Too often, information about Products, Customers, Assets, Materials, and Suppliers exists in disconnected silos across an organization, providing an incomplete, inaccurate picture.  By using pVelocity to connect these critical dimensions, you can not only analyze why something happened in the past, but also quantify and predict what could happen in the future under different circumstances.

pVelocity Software

  • Profit Visibility
    Gather information from production and financial systems to provide profit visibility, filtered according to your operational responsibilities

  • Predictive Analysis

    Apply rigorous profitability analysis to enable informed decision making about product and customer mix

  • Cost Simulation

    Get instant access to simulation capabilities to model your processing costs and quantify the resulting effect on margins and profits 

  • Closed-Loop Workflows

    Instantly identify critical workflows for rapid implementation of the changes needed to improve customer and product profitability

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